Xanders Darren

The pontifex of Fairbanks


Xanders Darren is the fifty-three year old pontifex of Fairbanks, spiritual father for the whole of Fairbanks District and the curate of the Cathedral of Our Lady Invicta. He is the second brother of the current Lord Darren.

Xanders stands 5’5" and has an impressive mane of steel-gray hair with the full, distinguished beard of a man of leisure. He has a mobile face that switches easily between friendly bonhomie and thunderous invective, which reflects the man beneath. Xanders is a skilled orator, full of fire and brimstone sermons and dire imprecations against perils to the soul. However, as the high-born son and brother of lords, Xanders has never truly wanted for anything or experienced spiritual hardship. He is a fundamentally comfortable man, for whom the dangers he rails against are purely theoretical. Though pious and sincere, Xanders’ faith has never been tested.


Xanders has lived a comfortable, largely predictable life. He has expected to become a priest since he was seven years old, and his family connections ensured that he became a preacher by the age of twenty. Though he has lived through no less than seven orkish invasions that have swept through the south, Xanders has never so much as seen an ork. His role in these invasions has been limited to easy moralizing against the evils of the alien and lazy refugees. He has a great admiration for those clergy who have “taken the field” against the mutan, the heretic, and the alien, even though – or perhaps because – his own experiences in those regards consist only of witch burnings and heretic stonings.

Xanders Darren

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