Valentin Wrightman

A smuggler mastermind in Fairbanks


Valentin Wainwright is a twenty-four year old smooth-talking textile merchant in Fairbanks. He is a handsome man who stands 5’6", has a dazzling smile, and brown hair worn long at the temples. He has four children (Kevin, Karen, Claudius, and Camilla), a loving wife (Anna), and an established business distributing raw textiles.


Valentin Wainwright is a textile merchant and the son of a textile merchant who found his business’ profits threatened by Sir Optimus Darhel. A hard, traditional man, Sir Optimus imposed a series of tariffs five years ago designed to curb the influence of the merchant class in Fairbanks. Valentin was well-connected among Fairbanks’ merchants, spinners, and weavers, and devised a plan to sell unbaled cotton smuggled through the town’s above-ground sewer outflow. Olive Mollin provided the last piece of his plan, which has so far avoided the scrutiny of Sir Optimus’ justicars.

Valentin Wrightman

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