Owen Selerius

Connor Darry's 12-year old squire


Owen Selerius is a twelve year old boy who is squire to Connor Darry. He is a round-faced youth with a mop of brown hair, and tends towards fleshiness despite his underlying muscle. Owen’s eyes are a bright blue, which comes as a surprise to most people who meet his gaze.

Owen is a serious youth who thinks and speaks above his years. He is an ardent admirer of his knight master, from whom he has acquired the habit of reading. Unlike Sir Connor, Owen’s tastes in books run towards the historical, and he loves to dissect accounts of famous battles. He has also acquired from Sir Connor a definition of chivalry that is more expansive than most. Owen works hard at his sums, believing that a true paragon of chivalry must be an effective general, and an effective general must be facile with arithmetic and trigonometry. Despite this unusual intellectual disposition, Owen is enthusiastic about the martial arts, and throws himself into his training at arms with gusto.

Owen has developed feelings for Cameron Traver, an attraction that is likely to cause him difficulties if pursued. The Travers are scouts, and relatively poor ones, while Owen is the third son of House Selerius, so the match would be a considerable step down for him. The difficulties are not lost on Owen, but he has shown no sign yet of giving up his designs.

Owen’s arms are chevrony chalybs and adamant, a cross marine.


Owen Selerius

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