Kirin Masters

A thirteen year old lady-in-waiting who aspires to learn the martial arts


Kirin Masters is a thirteen-year old lady-in-waiting to Philippa Darry. She has naturally wavy brown hair that she dyes blonde and large, soulful brown eyes.

Kirin is a romantic girl, who loves to giggle, swoon, and shriek over the smallest excitements in her life. This frippery is an affectation; Kirin is also bright and determined, as evidenced by the fact that she already reads well (the better to enjoy the romances she loves) and for five years has been studying the martial arts under Green Rivers’ master-at-arms. Kirin is not training to be an axe maiden, but she considers the notion of female fighters to be the pinnacle of romance. She practices only several times a week, but woks hard at her training.

Kirin wears cotton dresses in green and gray, which she takes conspicuously good care of. She also has a greater than average love of hats, particularly those decorate with feathers, and wears them every chance she can.


Kirin is the daughter of Sir Thaddeus Masters and Rebekah Masters, who hold Rivergate at the mouth of the Wishbone. The Masterses have a long history of serving the masters of Green Rivers, and Connor asked them specifically to foster Kirin later than usual so that they could foster her at Green Rivers with his new bride. Kirin had hoped to be an axe maiden, but a younger brother was born when she was four.

Kirin Masters

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