John Turomot

Justicar of Fairbanks


John Turomot is a man at arms in late middle age with a right knee swollen by gout. Turomot’s brown hair is turning gray. Though not a wealthy man, Turomot takes care of his clothes. He favors linen clothes in bright blues and browns, and wears a plain steel circlet in his hair. A brightly polished bronze brooch depicting the sword and scales of justice fastens his mantle and proclaims his office.


John Turomot has served as a justicar in Fairbanks for nearly thirty years. A proud man who has always chafed at House Darhel‘s monopolization of the territory’s castles, he threw himself into the honor of his appointed role with great vigor. Turomot is now a learned man, but he had to teach himself to read, and learned the law of the land through painstaking study. He has also ruthlessly trained his mind to regard facts and duty as separate from his own feelings and beliefs. Turomot rarely uses a headsman, preferring to carry out his sentences of high justice himself – though his advancing years sometimes make his victims wish he took less personal responsibility for his sentences.

He now presides over his court like the castle he will never have, a stern figure cloaked in judicial remoteness, alternatively viewed as an unfeeling automaton and a model of the justicar’s office.

John Turomot

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