Denisot Carter

An ambitious merchant with dreams of climbing the social ladder


Denisot Carter is a twenty-three year old textile merchant. At 5’2" he is a short man, and given to stoutness. He is also cursed with small eyes, prematurely thinning brown hair, and a bulbous nose afflicted with boils. Despite these physical handicaps, Denisot is a hard worker and canny businessman, which enabled him to attract an improbably attractive wife named Katherine. The two of them have a single two year old daughter named Mairie. Denisot has dreams of rising above his station, but his fondness for crude jokes and general lack of manners make this an unlikely prospect.


Denisot is the child of poor parents who has worked up to owning his own warehouse through sweat and hard work. He joined Valentin Wrightman‘s smuggling ring when Sir Optimus Darhel’s tariffs threatened his livelihood. Now he sells illegal cotton to Valentin, who distributes it to unsuspecting buyers, thus disguising the fact that the cotton is unsealed and untaxed.

Denisot Carter

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