Cyrian Dylan

A nervous smuggler and former poacher


Cyrian Dylan is a twenty-two year old smuggler and former poacher. He has a wrestler’s build, of average height but heavily built. This intimidating appearance belies his actual nature. In reality, Cyrian is constantly nervous, a legacy of his earlier life as a poacher. Cyrian has black hair and bright blue eyes. He has a six-year old son, Falcus, and recently lost his wife in childbirth. The new girl, a daughter, did not survive.


Cyrian was a fisherman driven to poaching from economic desperation, a dangerous occupation in any House’s lands but particularly so in the territory of House Darhel. Cyrian began selling meat from his trap lines and hunting to other families when he had more than he needed. Never comfortable with the level of risk that poaching exposed his family to, Cyrian was all too happy to turn his connections among the local farmers to use as a textiles purchaser for Valentin Wrightman. When Valentin hatched his scheme to smuggle cotton through Fairbanks’ sewer, Cyrian was the obvious choice to purchase cotton from the farms and row it to the sewer outflow in the dead of night.

Cyrian Dylan

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