Connor Darry

A serious, intellectual knight and husband of Philippa Darry


Connor Darry is the second son of House Darry, the twenty-four year old master of Green Rivers and husband of Philippa Darry. Connor is lean and muscled, and at 5’7" stands tall for a Novan. He has tousled dark brown hair and wears a beard so closely cropped as to be almost mere scruff. He has a love of fine clothes and jewelry, particularly favoring green-on-green silk damasks and brocades.

Connor has no talent for the martial arts. He practices diligently nonetheless, feeling that skill at arms is his duty as a knight. Unlike many Novan knights, however, Connor has a gift for strategy and logistics, which he feels is its own expression of chivalric skill. He also seems to have an intuitive understanding of ork thinking, an uncomfortable but useful trait.

Connor loves books, both for their content and as physical objects. He has a collection of rare books at Green Rivers, and loves to read them. Romances are his favorite, though he will happily devour tomes on any subject, including history, holy Scripture, and even canon law.

Connor is scrupulously correct in his manners, but he is aware of his wealth and power and takes care not to trade upon it. He is similarly keenly aware that he is better educated than most Novans, and tries hard not to trade upon that, either. The main exception to this rule is that Connor prefers to insult or belittle where others would yell; he feels that a quiet reminder of a miscreant’s social or intellectual inferiority is more effective than a tirade.

Connor’s arms are per escutcheon, adamant, a fess argen, a monkey valar. Connor feels a certain kinship with the monkey – a clever, underestimated animal – but he is more apt to display monkeys in embroidery or jewelry than to bear them formally in his arms. Since his marriage, Connor displays his arms impaled with Philippa’s unless he is acting in his capacity as a representative of House Darry.


Connor was raised with his siblings at the House seat of Orkhold. As a child he formed an unshakeable loyalty to his older brother Hubert, and a great fondness for his older sister, Carolina. These attachments have continued into adult life, and Connor is often seen as Hubert’s greatest advocate – even against Hubert himself. At seventeen he participated in one of his father’s campaigns against marauding orks. It was during this campaign that Connor cemented his reputation as a cautious strategist even as Hubert gained a reputation as a fearless fighter – a fact that Connor reminds his brother of in his moments of self-doubt. As for Connor, the campaign left him with a healthy fear of the orkish ability to commit mayhem. Seven years later he still has nightmares about men he saw die to ork blades.

A serious man full of a sense of duty, Connor agreed at the age of eighteen to ask for Philippa Ronnel‘s hand sight unseen, for the advantage of his House. The young man fell in love with Philippa at first sight, a fact that spread quickly through the crowds of Darry and Ronnel hangers-on who had come to witness the proposal – and which fanned the crowds’ anticipation when both were entered in the lists to face each other at the betrothal tournament. Connor lasted six hard-fought rounds against Philippa before three decisive losses in the wrestling – though he has been heard to joke since that it was hardly fair to expect an eighteen year old to wrestle a sixteen-year old woman who has just accepted his marriage proposal.

Connor married his new bride three years later at Orkhold, and the two retired to a happy two years at Connor’s newly granted seat of Green Rivers. Connor was overjoyed at Philippa’s pregnancy, and those of his staff who had known him longest said that they had never seem him care about a person he had never met as much as he cared about the new babe. Willem’s death devastated him, the moreso because he saw it as his duty to try for another child immediately. The past year has seen Connor withdraw into himself, and he has only reently begun to recover from his grief at his son’s death.

Connor Darry

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