Thirty-First Session

Thirty-sixth of Bloom
third day of the new moon (waxing crescent)

Session Notes

Olive Mollin told Valon Sarqhardt what she had overheard at breakfast about Philippa Darry‘s imminent departure. Valon counseled her that Philippa’s departure was to be welcomed, as her lack of faith in him was a divisive influence in the camp.

Vhetin Cooper and Philippa prepared to leave for Green Rivers with Philippa’s immediate followers, leaving Connor Darry, Owen Selerius and the Fairbanks refugees in the care of John Turomot. Philippa informed the justicar of her plans, giving him instructions to stay close and watch for Hubert Darry’s return.

Olive took Falcus Dylan to practice shooting her crossbow. Though Falcus is too small and too young to be able to properly hold and draw the bow, he showed some promise and thoroughly enjoyed the exercise.

Valon continued to study the Sacramentarium of Saint Veronica, and performed the Rite to Know the Truth of the Present. Though disorienting in the extreme, it allowed him to perceive some of what was occurring at Fairbanks, as through a small window. He could see the burned and mutilated bodies on the gibbets that Olive had mentioned (though not seen), buzzing with flies and carrion crows.

At lunch, Justicar Turomot ate with Olive, Cyrian, Falcus, and Valla. He asked Olive if she would help him with his attempts to understand the rites of the spells that they had salvaged from the dead Departmento Munitorum soldiers. Somewhat flummoxed, Olive agreed, and the five passed the remainder of lunch in social awkwardness.

Following lunch, Kate Fraser approached Olive to share the fact that as a younger man, Turomot’s life had been saved in battle by a foot soldier with six fingers on his left hand. Mulling this revelation, Olive visited Reyna Mollin with the wounded. Though still fearful of Valon’s power and demeanor, Reyna admitted that all of the wounded’s fevers had broken. The two had a short, not unfriendly conversation in which Reyna admitted that she was very hungry. Olive left to find her something to eat in the jungle after Reyna made her promise to share some of anything she found with the camp. Olive found a partially eaten banana bunch with sixteen untouched fruits, as well as tracks that matched those found at Jonbri. In the soft jungle floor, however, Olive was able to discern that the cruciform footprints were several days older than the off-world horse tracks. She returned to Jonbri with her prize.

Valon, meanwhile, sought out Vhetin to inform her of his plan: to return to Fairbanks and seek justice from her rapist. He questioned her closely for any details about the man she could recall: he was slightly taller than average, with close-cropped sandy-blond hair, freckles, powerful forearms, and had an R in the nametag on his clothes. Before leaving, Valon attempted to scry the truth of the present at Ashlance, knowing that Philippa would be passing by it, and received a vision of metallic oils, shouting, and rumbling clanking noises similar to those of a Trojan but much deeper. He found Philippa saddling her horse, and warned her not to go to Ashlance as the village was taken. Though he told Philippa that he supported her decision to leave, the two got into another argument over who was acting with the refugees’ best interests at heart, and Valon again stormed off to return to his shrine.



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