Both the Ecclesiarchy and Mechanicus promulgate a large number of standardized prayers. Even Novans without a special religious bent are likely to know at least a dozen prayers by heart. These are used as approved methods of theological instruction as well as cultural touchstones; the recitation of a familiar prayer can be calming as much for the sense of familiar ritual as for its expression of faith.

Prayers of the White Priests

Prayer in the Time of Tumult

Emperor of Man, Overseer of all things right,
Whose powers none can resist,
Save and deliver us, we beseech,
From the hands of our enemies
By granting us dominion over them.
Show us the path to victory,
That we might produce it in
Your undying Name.

Incantation Against Death

I fear no evil, I fear no death, for the Emperor comes for me.

Incantation Against Fear

Fear is naught, for my faith is strong.

Litany of Protection

Mighty Emperor, spread Your divine light to protect me [us] from the darkness.

Prayer for the Wounded

Emperor, look with favor upon Your wounded servant,
Spare him the ravages of disease which corrupts the flesh
And fear which corrupts the soul.
Give him the strength to return to Your service
And if the Eternal Gates for him swing wide,
Grant that I may be his servant faithful and true
At the end.

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