Location Quick Facts

Type: Ruin (formerly Village
Wall: N/A
Population: ~0 (formerly ~100)
Nearest Castle: Vicetor (39.0 miles)
Other: Former parish of Valon Sarqhardt and home of Olive Mollin


Jonbri is a ruined village near the wellspring of the Thread River that was razed by orks in the fifth year of Hugh Darry‘s rule of House Darry.  When inhabited, Jonbri was a modest but pleasant village nestled between the green trees of the Umbran Jungle and the clear headwaters of the Thread.  A typical farming village, Jonbri was inhabited full-time by less than two dozen souls.  These included the apothecaries Gaius and Sibbe Mollin, who valued the quiet simplicity of village life and Jonbri’s proximity to the medicinal plants of the jungle.
Like most Novan villages, the residents of Jonbri were rarely more than one bad harvest away from starvation.  Nevertheless, Jonbri formed a companionable community of honest, good-hearted folk.  The village preacher, Valon Sarqhardt, held this community together through his simple ethics and compassionate heart.  For twenty years, Jonbri farmers entering the town for market days were greeted by Preacher Valon, dressed in a plain working habit and sweeping the threshold of his shrine.

Sack of Jonbri

In Lord Hugh’s fifth year of rule, orks once again besieged Skullbreaker in numbers too great to be stopped.  Such was the strength of the marauders that the lords of House Sanders and House Darhel were forced to send to Orkhold for reinforcements, not daring to meet the greenskins in the field.

While the armies mustered or huddled in besieged castles, the villages of the far south burned.  Jonbri was only one of many villages that found itself without protection.  In Jonbri’s case, the master of Vicetor was marching with Crispus Darhel, not yet lord of his House, who was desperately attempting to avoid a pitched battle with the orks in order to preserve his House’s strength for a battle that could be won (in truth, Sir Crispus’ guerrilla campaign was masterfully waged, a fact for which he receives little credit as his very success resulted in no battles).  With no military aid forthcoming, Valon convinced the residents of Jonbri that their only hope was to make for Fairbanks, whose walls might keep them safe until the orks were defeated.

The exodus from Jonbri was too slow, and the refugees were caught by orks before they could reach Fairbanks.  Valon organized the men of the town in a rearguard action while the women and children fled.  This valiant gesture was for naught – the men of Jonbri were swiftly overrun, Valon himself left for dead, and the orks slaughtered the women and children.  Seven women and four children were all that survived to reach Fairbanks.

Locations of Interest

When Jonbri was inhabited, the nearby cold mineral springs of the Thread’s headwaters were frequently sought by vacationers and for their supposed medicinal qualities.  The Jonbri Mineral Springs are still visited, though without a nearby village, their popularity has somewhat declined.

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