House Ronnel

Sanguine, the House Ronnel arms

House Ronnel

Coat of Arms: Sanguine
Heraldic Metal: Sanguinite
Ancestral Seat: Coastwatch
Affiliated Lesser Houses: Cendris, Gallaghan, Harris, High Daniels, Karson, Redspear, Royce, Taldis, Tulia, Westerly, Young, Zephyrus


House Ronnel traces its origin to Roald Ronnel, the famous archer and thief who accompanied six other heroes in the Age of Gold. Legend says that Roald won the heroes their first great victory, when the Heretic King refused to allow them shelter at Coastwatch. Roald infiltrated the ancient castle and opened its gates, allowing the heroes to escape the orks pursuing them and cast down the Heretic King for collaborating with the alien. When the last battle was over, many years later, Coastwatch and its lands were given to Roald and his descendants.

House Ronnel has a reputation as a pragmatic, even progressive House. Ronnel lords are more encouraging of trade than most other nobles. They are also more willing than most other Houses to temporarily modify the rights of lesser estates or consider solutions to problems of law, economics, or war that fly in the face of tradition. House Ronnel’s tradition is to govern with an eye on an overlord’s overarching responsibilities, and meet those responsibilities however works in the moment. Ronnel lords typically prize ends over means.

Relations with other Houses

House Ronnel has a longstanding feud with House Vaar, its immediate neighbor to the south. Most recently this dates to the disputed divorce of Lily Ronnel and Cadis Vaar nearly two centuries ago, called the War of the Lilies, which resulted in House Vaar retaining possession of the fertile Vale. However, some legends tell of bad blood between sanguine and valar even dating to the Age of Gold, when Briika Vaar refuses Roald’s advances.

Ronnel relations with House Rhinette, its neighbor to the north, are more varied. Ronnel and Rhinette themselves generally maintain amicable relations, but their vassal Houses frequently clash over minor issues. Ronnel and Rhinette merchants have a love-hate relationship, both each other’s biggest rivals and biggest trading partners. This makes relations between Ronnel and Rhinette territory frequently contentious, though hostilities rarely become widespread.

Heraldic Metal

House Ronnel’s metal is sanguinite, sometimes called the blood of the earth or red steel. Sanguinite is the second most valuable precious metal on Nova, valued for its rarity and striking crimson hue. Sanguinite is too soft to be used as a tool metal, but it is strong and ductile enough to be worked into many kinds of jewelry or decorative objects.

Ruling Family

Lord Gareth Ronnel, a man of sixty-three, gray of hair.
Lady Olivia Ronnel, his second wife, a woman of forty-eight, blonde of hair.
- Philippa Darry, Lord Ronnel’s first daughter, wife of Sir Connor Darry, a woman of twenty-two, blonde of hair.
- Aurelia Ronnel, their first daughter and second daughter of the House, a maid of eight, brown of hair.
- Adam Ronnel, their first son, a boy of six, brown of hair.
Lady Emelia Royce, his first sister, wife of Lord Handar Royce, a woman of sixty, gray of hair.

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House Ronnel

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