House Darry

Adamant, the House Darry arms

House Darry

Coat of Arms: Adamant
Heraldic Metal: Adamantine
Ancestral Seat: Orkhold
Affiliated Lesser Houses: Adamantius, Darhel, Daroline, Darras, Darren, Dolor, Sanders, Selerius, Vener, Vertius


House Darry holds the southernmost lands on Nova Primus. Directly to the south of House Darry’s territory is the Hanged Man’s Neck and the Green Cape, areas of Nova Primus that are boiling with orks. As such, Darry lands face the fiercest and most regular ork incursions on Nova.


House Darry traces its origins to Ashleus Darry, who built the great castle Orkhold and held it against successive ork sieges for seventeen years during the Age of Gold. With each siege, Orkhold’s defenses were expanded until the castle was an impregnable bastion of safety for the region. Darry’s possession of Orkhold gave it the premier claim to lordship of the south.

Darry’s knights and lords are particularly aware of the ever-present threat of the alien. As a result, they tend to be somewhat more martially inclined than the nobles of other Houses.

Relations with other Houses

House Darry enjoys historically good relations with House Vaar, its nearest neighbor to the north and west. Darry and Vaar merchants have strong trade relations, so much so that they financed a great highway that runs from Twin Lakes to Duty. The Merchants’ Road represents an invasion highway into either House’s lands, so it is a testament to the trust between adamant and valar that the guilds were permitted to build it.

Darry’s eastern neighbor is House Ordon. Darry’s and Ordon’s populations are not concentrated near their shared border, though, leading the two great Houses to have less commerce than their status as neighbors would otherwise suggest.

Heraldic Metal

Adamantium, the Darry metal, is the most valuable on Nova. Adamantium is found in its green ore in many mines throughout Nova; indeed, it is the most abundant precious metal on the planet. Its value comes not from its scarcity but the difficult of smelting and working it; adamantium is considered the pinnacle of the smith’s art. It can be made into a dense, lustrous gray-green metal that is denser and stronger than steel, allowing it to create extremely delicate jewelry. Adamantium is also suitable for use as armor, the only precious metal that can make that claim – though it is so expensive that even an adamantium shield boss would be a family heirloom worthy of being passed down for generations.

Ruling Family

Lord Hugh Darry, called the Greenslayer, a robust man of forty-eight, red of hair.
- Lady Adeline Darry, his wife, a woman of forty-three, brown of hair.
- Sir Hubert Darry, their eldest son, a man of twenty-seven, brown of hair.
- Lady Carolina Darren, their eldest daughter, wife of Lord Carolus Darren, a woman of twenty-five, auburn of hair.
- Sir Connor Darry, their second son, a man of twenty-four, brown of hair.
- Helena Darras, their second daughter, a widow of twenty-three, red of hair.
- Julia Daroline, their third daughter, wife of Sir Nestorius Daroline, a woman of twenty, brown of hair.
- Anders Darry, their third son, a youth of fifteen, brown of hair.
- Lydia Darry, their fourth daughter, a vivacious maid of ten, red of hair.
Sir Harman Darry, Lord Darry’s first brother, a man of forty-seven, brown of hair.
Sir Hubert Darry, called the Elder, Lord Darry’s second brother, a man of forty-five, brown of hair.
Sir Honorius Darry, Lord Darry’s third brother, a slender man of thirty-nine, red of hair.

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House Darry

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