House Darhel

Lozengy adamant, the House Darhel arms

House Darhel

Coat of Arms: Lozengy adamant
Heraldic Metal: Adamantium
Ancestral Seat: Vertellion
Affiliated Great House: House Darry


House Darhel holds lands southwest of Orkhold that stretch from the Umbran Jungle in the northeast to the coast in the southwest. The House traces its history to Sir Lyman the Unknown, who was raised to the Brotherhood while riding in the army that came to the relief of Skullbreaker castle in the Age of Copper during the War of the Three Waaagh!s. The battle turned against the relief army, and Sir Lyman rallied the survivors when all seemed lost. Leading a small corps of knights, Sir Lyman slew one of the three ork warlords besieging Skullbreaker. This heroic action bought the relief army enough time to reform and save the castle, ultimately breaking the backs of two Waaagh!s. For his valor and leadership, Sir Lyman was raised to the Brotherhood and founded House Darhel.

House Darhel now holds the lands northwest of Skullbreaker, playing an important role in guarding the castle’s flanks and intercepting ork pirates who attempt to bypass it by sea.


House Darhel is a relatively poor House, as it is too far south of House Darren to benefit much from the Merchants’ Road, and too far west to benefit from the eastern sea trade with Houses Ordon and Felicin. The largest settlement in House Darhel’s territory is the town of Fairbanks.

Despite its relative penury, House Darhel has a reputation for keeping its lands well governed and free of outlaws. This order comes at a price to Darhel’s tenants; as expeditions against bandits require money, and the House’s lands are not prosperous to begin with, taxes are more burdensome than in the territories of many other Houses. Darhel laws also tend to be harshly drafted, and harshly enforced.

Ruling Family

Lord Crispus Darhel, a hard man of fifty-two, gray of hair, balding.
Lady Trista Darhel, his third wife, a woman of eighteen, brown of hair.
- Sir Maximus Darhel, Lord Darhel’s eldest son, a man of thirty-three, prematurely gray of hair.
- Sir Optimus Darhel, called the Bold, Lord Darhel’s second son, a man of thirty-one, brown of hair.
- Sir Harrus Darhel, Lord Darhel’s third son, a man of twenty-seven, brown of hair.
- Sir Gerald Darhel, Lord Darhel’s fourth son, a man of twenty-six, brown of hair.
- Sir Justin Darhel, Lord Darhel’s fifth son, a man of twenty-five, brown of hair.
- Sir Andin Darhel, called the Squire, Lord Darhel’s sixth son, a man of twenty-four, brown of hair.
- Sir Landus Darhel, Lord Darhel’s seventh son, a man of twenty-two, brown of hair.
- Ammeline Darhel, their first daughter, a babe of six months.
Angelique Darhel, his mother, a woman of seventy-three, white of hair.

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House Darhel

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