Heralds are Novans who are experts in, and regulate, the science of heraldry.


As a body, heralds are responsible for deciding the customs of heraldry. These customs change but slowly, though, as a heraldic innovation gains acceptance across the heraldic community. Heralds are first and foremost responsible for being experts in heraldry. The basics of Novan heraldry are simple enough that anybody can learn them. Instead, a herald’s job is to maintain a familiarity with the individuals behind the arms. Most knights do not need an expert to be able to identify the third son of the second brother of a given lord, unless he comes from a very far distant House, but most would require a herald to know that person’s name, family connections, and deeds. Heralds are keepers of history.

Heralds also serve as advocates for their employers. At a tournament this may take the form of playing up their employer’s deeds to the crowd, to gain their support during a joust. Their duties are more serious as well, though, delivering feudal commands to vassals and serving as messengers.

Social Position

Because of their unique closeness to their noble employers, heralds enjoy a high social position. They are generally comfortable in high society, enough so that their manners tend to set them apart from lesser folk. Alone of those not entitled to bear arms, heralds may port their master’s arms full size. This is done on a special cloak to keep the wearer from being confused with his employer; a herald’s cloak is a voluminous garment that can be draped and swirled in dramatic fashion or keep it’s wearer warm and dry on the road when he or she serves as a messenger.

Heralds are usually paid partly in maintenance by their employers, which means they tend to be comfortable but have little disposable income.

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