First Battle of Fairbanks


Date: Thirty-first of Bloom, 21st year of Hugh Darry’s hold of House Darry
Belligerents: Darry Army vs. Red Toof Tribe
Approximate Strength: As article (Darry), approximately 1,000 (orks)
Casus Proelii: The Darry Army, under Sir Hubert Darry, marched southeast from Fairbanks after receiving word that a large force of orks had broken past Skullbreaker, intending to intercept and defeat them.
Result: Ork victory

Phases of Battle


The Darry army deployed in a single line facing southeast on an open meadow.  The human left was anchored by Sir Optimus Darhel the Bold, the right by the Iron Company.  Sir Hubert led from the center.  Hubert’s archers, under Jaime Lupus (champion of the archery competition at the Fairbanks tournament), were deployed immediately to his right.  Lord Hugh Darry commanded the army’s assembled men-at-arms, held in reserve to the rear of the human left.

The Red Toof Tribe deployed a vanguard of squigs and gretchin, with the orks proper in a separate single line behind.  The tribe’s squiggoth cavalry was deployed on the ork right.

To compensate for the humans’ numbers, the ork line was considerably thinner than the Darry.  Neither side’s infantry overlapped the other’s to any appreciable extent during the battle.

Phase One

The orks advanced as the humans held steady.  Captain-of-Archers Lupus concentrated his volleys on the ork line, ignoring the vanguard of smaller orkoids.  Sir Optimus was heard to remark to Valon Sarqhardt that the vanguard seemed unusually small for an ork force of this size.

Phase Two

The ork vanguard attacked the Darry line and was defeated with heavy casualties.  Disruption to the human line was minimal. The Darry archers withdrew, their place in the battle line taken by Sir Connor Darry’s contingent.

Phase Three

The main ork line contacted the Darry line.  Darry infantry held fast.  The ork cavalry maneuvered to envelop the Darry left.

Phase Four

The ork cavalry, unopposed by Lord Hugh’s cavalry, charged the Darry left.  In the center, the human line began to buckle.

Phase Five

Lord Hugh counter-charged the squiggoth cavalry in the rear before the Darry left could break.  Lord Hugh’s cavalry then drew off the squiggoths into a running cavalry battle.

Phase Six

The human center collapsed.  Ork infantry pursued the fleeing soldiers of the center and camp followers to the army camp, slaughtering many.  After repeated running cavalry clashes, Lord Hugh’s men-at-arms and squires dismounted to face the squiggoths on foot.


No party members were present for the final stages of this battle.

First Battle of Fairbanks

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