Location Quick Facts

Type: Town
Wall: Wood/Stone, ~20’ high by ~5’ thick
Population: ~1,200 farmer, ~800 other
Nearest Castle: Vicetor (38 mi.); Sir Optimus Darhel, master
Other: Home to Fairbanks Cathedral; capital of District Fairbanks


Fairbanks is the largest settlement in House Darhel‘s territory, situated near the banks of the Thread River. Though Fairbanks does not see the volume of commerce that some other towns do, it is an important commercial hub for House Darhel. Goods shipped up or down the Thread pass through Fairbanks on their way to their final destination, often carried by one of Fairbanks’ merchant shippers. The carrying and distribution trade creates enough business for other merchants, craftsmen, and shopkeepers to operate year-round. This has led to Fairbanks having a larger proportion of full-time townsfolk than most towns.

Districts of Fairbanks

The Lees

The Lees is the name given to the strip of land just inside Fairbanks’ town walls. This strip is supposed to be kept clear to prevent attackers from being able to lob fire missiles into the town. In practice, the Lees are home to a motley collection of shacks, hovels, and sheds where Fairbanks’ poor congregate. Because the Lees are roughly circular, the district is commonly spoken of as if it were four – North, East, South, and West Lees respectively.

East Market

East Market is the district that is home to Fairbanks’ largest market square, where the most expensive and highest quality goods are bought and sold. East Market also contains the town houses of the town’s richest farmers and merchants.

South Market

South Market is the district where lesser quality or lower margin goods are sold in Fairbanks. Unlike East Market, which has a single large market square, South Market has many smaller plazas. South Market also contains the combination shops-and-houses of many craftsmen who primarily serve the townsfolk of Fairbanks. Most inns, eating houses, and taverns in Fairbanks are also located in South Market.

Smith Street

Smith Street is the district where Fairbanks’ metalsmiths and jewelers live and do business. Despite its name, Smith Street is more of a long, narrow district than a single street, with cul de sacs and small neighborhoods that segregate the district into types of metalworking – for instance, common blacksmiths are at a different end of the district than fine jewelers.


Holdfast is so named because it houses the town’s holdfast, a stoutly built stone longhouse. Holdfast is the oldest district in Fairbanks, and as a result is the most heterogeneous district in the town. Wealthy artisans make their home here alongside small farming families, and established craftsmen who have been at Fairbanks since its founding coexist besides brothels. Holdfast is also home to Fairbanks’ cathedral, whose principal dedication is to St. Veronica Invicta.

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