The eldar are the first known non- orkish species of alien.


Striking_Scorpion.jpgThe eldar are much closer in appearance to humans than orks. They have flesh-colored skin, their heads are atop their bodies rather than thrust forward, and their eyes have clearly discernible whites, irises, and pupils. Unlike a human, their eyes are almondine, and their ears pointed. As only one specimen has been seen up close, and even that was cloaked on a virtually moonless night, it is difficult to say in what other ways they might differ from humans.


According to the Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer, eldar as a race are possessed of low cunning and are not to be trusted. The Primer also notes that they are a highly regimented race, lacking the innate adaptability of man, and that they are poor craftsmen with a penchant for attacking from afar.

Despite this, at least one type of eldar warrior has been seen to engage in close combat, equipped with a chainsword, pistol, and heavy plate armor.

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