Location Quick Facts

Type: Village
Wall: N/A
Population: ~80 farmer, ~5 other
Nearest Castle:
Other: Home to Ereen Almoner


Ashlance is a small farming village in the Umbran Jungle.  It is named for a tree in the village commons, under which (legend says) a local heretic bandit chieftain was slain by a thunderbolt from Terra during the Age of Silver.  If the legend is true, the Ashlance (sometimes called the Heretics’ Tree) has fully recovered into a full, beautiful ash.  Its pleasant shade and the songbirds that nest in its branches make it the hub of village business.

Like many jungle villages, Ashlance has virtually no permanent residents.  The village is large enough to house its own shrine, a rustic affair whose principal dedication is to Saint Invernus, patron of passion fruit trees and broom handles.  The village preacher and the storekeeper’s family are the only true townsfolk of Ashlance.  The rest of the village’s “inhabitants” are jungle farmers whose plots are close enough to Ashlance to use it as a market.

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