The Angels of Justice

The Angels of Justice are the supernatural arbitrators of the Emperor’s justice.


The Angels of Justice are sometimes called the Black Brothers for the strange black plate that they wear. They appear as men, but have powers at their command such as no man could hope to wield. The Black Brothers know neither pity nor mercy, and cannot be stopped by castle walls or armored knights. Not even the lords of the great Houses, with all their power, can escape the Angels of Justice.


The Ecclesiarchy teaches that the Emperor sends His Angels of Justice to judge and punish the wicked when His highest laws have been trespassed. They are particularly concerned with the behavior of rulers, according to the priests. In fact, most legends of the Black Brothers involve the ancient kings of Nova.

The last appearance of the Angels of Justice was a hundred years ago, when five of them appeared before Lord Ronnel to warn him not to interfere with the Black Sisters (a strictly mortal organization that, despite its name, has nothing to do with the Angels of Justice).

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