An orkish spell

weapon (ranged)

This spell was found on an ork corpse, and judging by its size, the orkish glyphs on its surface, and its physical dissimilarity to spells seen in human hands, it appears to be ork construction as well.

The basic rites to operate this spell were discovered by John Turomot, although unless it is a spell whose function is merely to make a small amount of smoke and a great amount of noise, there must be other mysteries yet undiscovered. The spell is surprisingly heavy, more than twice the weight of a poll axe. Its handle is too thick for a human hand to grip comfortably, and its lever of activation is quite stiff, requiring considerable force to actuate.

Mass: 4.0
Magazine: Undiscovered
Difficulty: +1 (hand gun)
Actions per Round: 3
Actions to Draw: 1
Actions to Ready: 1
One-Handed Threshold: 5
Feats: Dire, Shield Distance, Supportable

War Spirit:
Magazine Mass: 0.5
Range: 8 / 25 / 50 m
Recoil: 8
Type: Penetrating (kinetic)
Armor Threshold Modifier: Unknown
Armor Class Modifier: Unknown
Damage: Unknown
Feats: Hypervelocity


First acquired on the thirty-fourth of Bloom.


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