Sacramentarium of Saint Veronica

A Book of Holy Rites Given to Valon by St. Veronica herself


A codex of vellum bound in silver leather, whose cover is unadorned except for an embossed red symbol that Valon Sarqhardt does not recognize.  Though it appears to be an ordinary sacramentarium – a book of religious rites for various liturgical occasions – the rites within are formatted by purpose rather than the more usual format by liturgical calendar.  Almost none of the rites conform to standard Ecclesiarchical form (although all are quite close) and seem to require fairly lengthy lists of specialized props.  The book’s Low Gothic is slightly foreign, perhaps a dialect of ages past.

Contains the following rites deciphered by Valon:

  • A Rit to Enliven the Dead
Rites to Combat Tymes of Perill and Despare
  • A Rit to Preserve the Integritee of the Bodie in Tymes of Perill
  • A Rit to Improve Circumstances of Perill
  • A Rit to Improve the Bodie
Rites Concerning the Body and Its Functions
  • A Rite to Restore Bodily Vitality
  • A Rite to Sap the Vitality of the Obstinate
  • A Rite to Enhance the Bodily Faculties
Rites Concerning Knowledge
  • A Rite to Know the Truth of the Past
  • A Rite to Know the Truth of the Present
  • A Rite to Know the Truth of the Future
Rites to Smite the Wicked, the Obstinate, and the Fool
  • A Rite Suitable for Smite Those at Arm’s Length
  • A Rite Suitable to Smite Those Near at Hand
  • A Rite Suitable to Smite Those Far Distant
Rites Concerning the Secrets of Motion
  • A Rite to Convey What is Necessary
  • A Rite to Halt What Needs Must
  • A Rite to Alter the Material Fabric
Rites Concerning the Mind and Its Functions
  • A Rite to Facilitate Communication Between Persons
  • A Rite Better to Know Others
  • A Rite to Increase the Understanding of Others

Sacramentarium of Saint Veronica

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