Naura Flamer

A spell to burn one's enemies

weapon (ranged)

This spell takes the form of a donut-shaped pack worn by means of straps and a hand-held wand, which is used to project great tongues of foul-smelling flame. The machine spirit of this spell has been observed to be particularly fierce, requiring great strength or as-yet-undiscovered rituals to manage.

This spell’s war spirit has a voice like the roar of a forge or a wildfire under a strong wind.

Pack and Wand:
Mass: 6.0 kg
Reservoir: 60
Difficulty: -3 (shoulder gun)
Actions Per Round: 4
Actions to Draw: 2
Actions to Ready: 2
One-Handed Threshold: 6
Feats: Armor-Piercing 5, Burst (3) 3/1d3, Burst (6) 6/1d6, Burst (10) 10/1d10, Supportable, Unstable

Fire Spirit:
Reservoir Mass: 0.50 kg
Range: 15 / 25 / 70 m
Recoil: + 2
Type: Concussive (chemical)
Armor Threshold Modifier: 9
Armor Class Modifier: 15
Damage: 2d10+1
Feats: Napalm 4


First acquired from Preacher Patrek Bellows on the thirty-second of Bloom.

Naura Flamer

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