Besedee Chainsword

A magic sword with serrated teeth

weapon (melee)

This spell is carried by some knights of the 8th Breslin Infantry as well as their preachers. Compared to the similar spell carried by Commissar Vilios, it has a somewhat thinner blade, allowing it to more easily maneuver between armor plates.

Though its weight is well distributed, this spell is exceptionally heavy for a sword. Its lack of crossguard also suggests a different style of fencing than is common on Nova.

This spell’s war spirit has a deceptively quiet whirring purr when speaking.

Mass: 2.0 kg
Length: 0.89 m
Reach: 1.37 m
Difficulty: +12 (long hilt)
Type: Penetrating (slashing-thrusting)
Actions Per Round: 2
Actions to Draw: 1
Actions to Ready: 1
One-Handed Threshold: 4

Armor Threshold Modifier: 0
Armor Class Modifier: 8
Damage: 2d6+1+(16)
Feats: Armor-Piercing 2, Mighty 1, Quick to Recover, Parry


First acquired from Preacher Patrek Bellows on the thirty-second of Bloom.

Besedee Chainsword

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