Astor S Lasgun

A spell to pierce one's enemies

weapon (ranged)

This spell is called a “lasgun,” and appears to be a slightly shorter version of the one carried by the men and women of the 8th Breslin Infantry. It fires with a snap like a large man snapping his fingers, with an angry whine when its power slider is fully forward.

Mass: 2.5 kg
Magazine: 60 (suspected)
Difficulty: -2 (shoulder gun)
Actions per Round: 4
Actions to Draw: 2
Actions to Ready: 2
One-Handed Threshold: 5
Feats: Overload 2/2, Overload 4/4, Supportable, Unstable

War Spirit:
Magazine Mass: 0.25 kg
Range: 35 / 150 / 400 m
Recoil: 6
Type: Penetrating (energy)
Armor Threshold Modifier: 6
Armor Class Modifier: 17
Damage: 3d4+(18)
Feats: Hypervelocity


First encountered carried by Yeth Scaran on the thirty-third of Bloom.

First acquired on the thirty-fourth of Bloom.

The runes of the activation dial

On the thirty-sixth of Bloom, Olive Mollin discovered the rudimentary rites of this spell’s operation. A dial with two positions, each marked with a High Gothic rune, appears to awaken the spell’s machine spirit, permitting the trigger to be squeezed. A catch on the left side of the weapon releases the metal box from the front of the weapon, and a slider appears to request greater or lesser fury from the spirit. When awakened, the green glass on the side of the weapon illuminates, which Olive suspects shows the remaining number of times the spell will shoot.

This spell’s spirit kicks more than its smaller cousin, but it appears to be relatively simple to use the tube atop the weapon to point it at the target. Additionally, the metal stock at the butt of the weapon can be folded back and locked in place with a catch, permitting it to be braced against the shoulder like a crossbow for additional stability. Compared to a crossbow, it creates a deep but narrow wound. With the slider fully forward, it had enough power to split a length of wood whole from the side of a tree trunk.

Astor S Lasgun

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