Astor P Las Pistol

A spell to pierce one's enemies

weapon (ranged)

This spell appears to be in the same general family as those carried by the 8th Breslin Infantry and those carried by the Departmento Munitorum. Unlike those spells, this one’s weight, balance, and size suggests that it is intended to be operated with either one hand or both hands on the grip. It fires with a sharp snap like a breaking rubber band, with a ear-splitting whine so high pitched as to be barely audible when its power slider is fully forward.

Mass: 1.0 kg
Magazine: Unknown
Difficulty: 2 (hand gun)
Actions per Round: 4
Actions to Draw: 1
Actions to Ready: 1
One-Handed Threshold: 1
Feats: Burst (3) 2/1d3, Overload 2/2, Overload 4/4, Supportable

War Spirit:
Magazine Mass: 0.20 kg
Range: 5 / 12 / 50 m
Recoil: 4
Type: Penetrating (energy)
Armor Threshold Modifier: 4
Armor Class Modifier: 15
Damage: 2d4+1+(15)
Feats: Hypervelocity


First acquired on the thirty-fourth of Bloom.

The runes of the activation dialOn the thirty-sixth of Bloom, Olive Mollin discovered the rudimentary rites of this spell’s operation. A dial with three positions, each marked with a High Gothic rune, appears to awaken the spell’s machine spirit, permitting the trigger to be squeezed. The third position of the dial causes the spell to emit three shots with a single trigger pull, which John Turomot suspects may be for fighting orks. A catch on the left side of the weapon releases the metal box from the front of the weapon, and a slider appears to request greater or lesser fury from the spirit.

This spell’s spirit kicks less than its larger cousin, but the rituals to properly utilize the sights atop it have not yet been discovered. Compared to a crossbow, it creates a deep but narrow wound.

Olive also discovered what she suspects to be at least the rudiments of one of the spell’s rituals of accuracy – namely, to hold the grip with two hands, lying flat on one’s stomach, with the butt of the grip braced upon a rock or similar object.

Astor P Las Pistol

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