Astartes Shotgun

An enormous gun spell

weapon (ranged)

This is an enormous spell, fully 25% heavier than the melting spell sometimes carried by the 8th Breslin Infantry. Its function is unknown, but the iconography of the death’s head on its side and the aquila wings that decorate its muzzle makes its purpose clear.

Though a human being can certainly lift this spell, at 22 pounds it would be quite a strain to fire it from a standing position in the same manner as a lasgun. In addition, it lacks any kind of stock, which would further complicate its ritual of operation. It has what appear to be handles, fore and aft of the trigger, but these are uncomfortably broad. They appear to be made for the gigantic hands of an angel such as Polynikes Callistos.


First found in the personal effects of Polynikes Callistos.

Astartes Shotgun

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