Astartes Scout Armor

Half-plate for an enormous wearer


This is a set of half-plate in an unknown heraldic pattern, with a valar field and a mottled, almost irregular pattern of adamant, ebon and plain brown. The plastron prominently displays a death’s-head aquila, the traditional iconography for an angel, in chalyb. The suit contains no helmet (or if it did, the helmet has been lost), but it does include an armored and possibly magical backpack and some sort of magic gorget. In addition to the armor plates, the suit was found with arming clothes of a thick, hard-wearing light brown fabric bearing the same earth-toned overlay as the plates, and sturdy leather boots with armor reinforcements. A series of tough leather pouches was also found with the suit.

The right pauldron deviceThe right pauldron bears the Low Gothic numeral seven in ebon. The left pauldron bears a circular field sanguine with a bordure chalybs, five swords chalybs serrated on both sides per mullet inverted, a rose ebon, a skull chalybs.

This armor does not ring like steel, and though it is thicker than steel plate, it is not appreciably heavier given its size. Its size, however, is enormous; the suit is clearly designed to be worn by someone the size of Polynikes Callistos.


First found in the personal effects of Polynikes Callistos.

Astartes Scout Armor

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