Vikram al Gerez

Purported King of Nova


According to Willard Eush and Patrek Bellows, Lord General Vikram al-Gerez has been appointed king of Nova by the God-Emperor, expressing this will through a body known as the “High Lords of Terra.” Nothing else is known about him.

Lord General of the Imperial Forces on Nova

Vikram al-Gerez was once a handsome man, tall, dark of skin and hair, with a finely sculpted mouth and nose. Now, at 126, al-Gerez’s entire right side has been horribly scarred by tyranid bio-acid, his hair is white, and many of his major organs have been replaced by bionics. His wounded right side lags perceptibly, slurring his speech and distorting his movements. Nevertheless, the lord general’s mind is intact, as is his pride. He still take great care with his appearance, and though he walks with a cane, it is an elegant sapphire-headed silver walking stick. Ever wary of assassins, Vikram’s rings incorporate an array of digital lasers and poison testers.


Vikram al Gerez

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