Vhetin Cooper

Philippa Darry's maid


Vhetin (vhe-TEEN) Cooper is Philippa Darry‘s 22-year old maid. Vhetin is a stunningly gorgeous woman with sunlight-blonde hair and laughing, brilliant blue eyes. She stands a petite 4’9".

Vhetin epitomizes the four great loves of a proper Novan woman: fashion, music, bargain hunting, and budgeting. She delights in making things beautiful, be they her mistress’ hair, a bed table, or a warm summer’s evening. She is a skilled aesthetician, dancer, singer, interior decorator, and personal assistant, and has served as Philippa’s maid for six years.

Unlike her mistress, Vhetin has no skill at arms or even basic self-defense. However, she is possessed of a dogged courage in the face of adversity and can carry on, tight-lipped, even when utterly terrified or wracked with grief.

Vhetin’s appearance is always impeccable. Her hair is expertly coiffed and usually held in place by wooden combs and pins. She dresses in cottons and linens, with Philippa’s arms proudly ported on her left breast on a square badge embroidered in silk. She owns few pieces of precious metal jewelry and saves those she owns for special occasions, except for an ebonite ring she wears as a wedding present from her husband.


Vhetin has been married to Timeon Cooper for eight years. They have three children: Rika, three; George, five; and Aden, eight, recently apprenticed to the third assistant hostler at Orkhold.

Vhetin Cooper

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