Valerica Daroline

An eight year old lady-in-waiting with a high opinion of herself


Valerica Daroline is an eight-year old girl serving as one of Philippa Darry’s ladies-in-waiting. She has curly black hair; a small, delicate mouth; and an upturned nose that gives her an impish appearance. Valerica is the oldest daughter of Sir Marius Daroline, the third brother of Lord Julius Daroline, a fact of which she is exceedingly proud.

In principal, ladies-in-waiting are supposed to learn from their foster mothers the skills they will need as future mistresses of a castle, including courtesy and etiquette. Valerica, however, is a poor student. In her view, there is little for her to learn from her social inferiors – and, as Philippa does not have time to instruct her every moment of the day, Valerica is prone to learn nothing at all. She is frequently imperious to servants (despite the fact that most of Green Rivers’ servants are not in her employ), insolent to or manipulative of adults, and badgering of her fellow ladies-in-waiting despite being the youngest of the three.

Valerica enjoys embroidery and displays credible skill in the art. She has no ear for music, however, a fact that infuriates and embarrasses her. She loves fine clothes, makeup, and having her hair brushed, but exhibits little to no interest in learning the skills associated with fashion, cosmetics, or hairdressing, believing these to be declasse. She dresses in silks and satins, favoring green, gray, and black.

Valerica’s coat of arms is per lozenge, bendy sinister chalybs and adamant, a bordure adamant, a second bordure marine, a third bordure sanguine, a pale ebon. She is proud of her arms and displays them whenever she can, even on rings and necklace pendants.


Valerica Daroline

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