Theodosius Kirkland

Preacher of Green Rivers


Theodosius Kirkland is the preacher assigned to Green Rivers. He is a short man, standing 5’3", with tonsured graying brown hair and lively hazel eyes surrounded by laugh lines. He dresses simply, as befits a man of his rank, but in clean and well-made vestments that are scrupulously kept.

Preacher Theo was one of Connor Darry‘s favorite preachers growing up, a rare man of the cloth who shares some of Sir Connor’s own taste for learning and books. He enjoys learning, and views the study of ecclesiastical law and theology as service rendered to the God-Emperor. In fact, it was this very quality that caused Connor to request him as preacher of Green Rivers.

Despite his unusual affinity for book learning, Preacher Theo is by no means a bookish man. He is well known for playing with the castle’s children, enjoys hiking along the banks of the Wishbone, and is careful to keep in mind that his sermons are primarily heard by the unlettered.


Theodosius Kirkland

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