Rowan Dale

Cardinal of Orkhold


Rowan Dale is the pontifex of Orkhold, the castle whose cathedral is the seat of Orkhold District, to which Green Rivers belongs. He is fifty-nine years old, short, and exceptionally hirsute, which combined with his salt-and-pepper hair and taste for outlandish sideburns has drawn more than one comparison to a wolf behind his back.

Pontifex Dale is a well known sight throughout Orkhold District, frequently riding throughout the district to celebrate minor festivals or simply to be seen. He is, as might be expected of a prelate whose seat doubles as the Great Hall of the Greenslayer himself, a staunch and vocal opponent of aliens, and his sermons frequently have an anthrocentric theme.

Like nearly all of his predecessors, Cardinal Dale accepts that the ultimate authority in House Darry‘s territory is the House Darry itself in every practical sense; the church long ago ceased bothering to challenge the lords of Orkhold. In Rowan Dale’s case, this seems almost to be a relief, as it frees him to go about the business of tending his flock without worrying overmuch about political machinations.


Rowan Dale

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