Polynikes Callistos

A self-proclaimed angel of the Emperor


Polynikes is a giant of a man, if indeed he is a man. He stands 7’5" tall, and is massively thewed. Polynikes’ thigh is fully as thick across as Olive Mollin’s torso, and the rest of him is similarly covered in hard, flat slabs of fighting muscle. His limbs are approximately 25% longer than those of a human being, giving him a gangly appearance despite his enormous bulk. His face is battered, scarred, and homely, but betrays a certain youthful innocence in unguarded moments. His age is uncertain.

Polynikes has shown great feats of dexterity and strength, able to bend fully upright from a vertical hanging position while bound hand and foot. He has also expressed indifference to seemingly highly dangerous situations, once falling sixty feet out of a tree head-first without concern. Despite his height and great bulk, he also appears highly skilled at fieldcraft, able to creep through the jungle nearly as quietly as Olive.


Polynikes claims to be an angel of the Emperor, sent to Nova to hunt Eldar. He has admitted with great embarrassment that the aliens bested him, leaving him bound hand and foot, naked, in a tree.

Polynikes is 17 years old, a scout of the Violet Avatars. He says that he was born on a world called Westman III, and chosen at the age of 10 as eligible to compete in the Games.

Polynikes Callistos

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