Philippa Darry

An axe maiden and a trained knight, who has since hung up her knighthood, and is trying to start a family.


Philippa is twenty-two years old, and looks a bit older than her years. Some of this is from her eyes – grey, inquisitive, and cold, with an uncanny ability to stare through you. Another aspect is her intensive training from age eight onward as an axe maiden. As a result of the latter, she is perennially tan from days spent in the yard, and prides herself on her strength. While she is not fit as she was before her marriage and pregnancy – at one point she could vault onto a horse wearing a full suit of armor – she is certainly still capable of besting most opponents.

She dresses in greens and reds, reflecting both her birth and adopted houses, though errs on the side of the green of House Darry since her marriage. An added benefit is that it suits her honey blonde hair quite well. As befitting her station, her clothes are some of the best money can buy, her mantles made of the finest wool, her weapons made specifically for her. Her armor is a set of full plate, with a wreath of enameled sanguinite roses across the chest and around the shoulders. After her marriage, she added small enameled adamantium leaves betwixt the flowers.

Philippa’s arms are per lozenge, sanguine, a pale solen, a dolphin argen. The dolphin charge is often omitted from her emblazons. Philippa has also borne arms per escutcheon, prior to hanging up her arms, and often displays her arms impaled with Connor’s since their marriage.


Philippa Darry (née Ronnel) is the eldest daughter of House Ronnel, an axe maiden and a trained knight. She has since hung up her knighthood upon the birth of a younger brother, and her subsequent marriage to Connor Darry, second son of Lord Darry.

Philippa trained as a knight since she was eight years old. She is, as a result, quite skilled in the art of war, an excellent horsewoman, and particularly enjoys tilting and mounted archery. She keeps falcons, and is an avid hunter. A brother was finally born to her father’s second wife when Philippa was 15 years old, and subsequently Philippa was betrothed.

Their betrothal was one of the bigger celebrations seen in Ronnel lands, culminating in a tournament where both Philippa and her fiancé competed. Unbeknownst to them both, they were entered in the lists against each other, and only realized it when the lists were posted. Horrified, but unable to remove herself from the tournament or even contemplate throwing the match, she continued with the joust. The event itself was a massive success with the crowd, who cheered on Philippa in a victory in the tilt, and Connor’s victory in the hand-to-hand. They underestimated, however, Philippa’s wrestling skill, where she bested Connor, and won the joust. This win, however triumphant for her it would be in any other circumstances — and her tournament history attests to this — against her fiancé struck a discordant note with Philippa. Despite the event being wildy popular, she refuses to speak of it unless pressed. Connor’s ability to tease her about it is a notable exception.

Her marriage to Connor is a remarkably well-suited one. They have a similar reserve and pragmatism, and grew close through daily training. That has led to a mutual trust, both on the field and off. She trusts his strategic insight and he relies on her perceptivity. They both are avid riders and boaters, and take boat rides by themselves to escape the bustle of being the master and mistress of Green Rivers. She enjoys being read to, particularly histories, and Connor is happy to oblige. While they are not publicly affectionate, by all accounts, they are happily in love.

More recently, however, their happy marriage was beset with trouble. Phillipa was pregnant with their first child – Willem – but he was stillborn. This sent both Philippa and Connor into mutal spirals of depression, and Philippa herself wrestled with fear of her mother’s infertility and her own training as a knight as reasons the child was not born. If Connor has similar fears, he has (wisely) left them unsaid.

It has now been a year since Willem’s death, and Philippa’s life is stitching back together. She spends perhaps more time than she needs to with Connor, though he does not appear to mind. They have begun to try for another child again, but it is a venture that troubles them both.

They are currently travelling with the rest of House Darry towards House Darhel.

Philippa Darry

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