Patience Warfield

A survivor of Jonbri


Patience Warfield is one of the survivors of Jonbri, currently a farmer and tenant of Sir Denneus Barstol, a knight of House Dolor.  24 at the sack of Jonbri, she is now 40.  Patience is a matronly gray-haired woman with an ample bosom and stomach.  She is locally famous as a hostess and cook, particularly of rice-and-asparagus gumbo.


Patience was a friend of Sibbe Mollin, and frequently visited the Mollins while at Fairbanks. Three years after their flight from Jonbri she met her husband, Jeck Warfield, when he was visiting Fairbanks for commerce and pilgrimage.  She and Jeck now live on Sir Denneus’ lands as farmers.

Patience Warfield

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