Optimus Darhel

The proud, bitter second son of House Darhel


Optimus Darhel is a thirty-one year old knight with a hard body and soul to match. Sir Optimus thinks of himself as a knight’s knight, and crafts his appearance to match. He wears his dark brown hair shoulder length, the better to cushion a helmet. He wears a circlet of steel with green enameled lozenge-shaped points to emphasize his authority and fealty to his House. Like his father, Lord Crispus Darhel, he is fond of fur-collared mantles, particularly the fur of lions he has slain himself.

Optimus shares his father’s handsome face and square jaw, which has not yet gone to seed. At 5’3", he is not a tall man, but he is built like a wrestler, all compact muscle and solid limbs. He walks with quick, aggressive strides, his chin thrust before him, like a war horse ploughing its way through enemy levies.

Optimus is not a great thinker, though he believes himself to have inherited his father’s juridical skills as well as his martial. He rules without pity, or indeed any sense of the human cost behind his father’s tales of glory.


Optimus Darhel is a man who believes he was born to do great things. His mother was besotted with his father but disappointed by the reality of marriage with the Young Lion, and consoled herself by telling young Optimus tales of his father’s glorious deeds challenging bandits and doing justice. Optimus took these tales to heart. From a young age he has been called Optimus the Bold, for he approaches every obstacle as if it will bow to him by birthright. Inflamed to win glory against outlaws and villains like his father, Optimus threw himself into his martial training. Grown to manhood as his father waited for his father to die, Optimus spent three desultory years combing the land as a grandson of the House with no real authority and precious few villains left to slay. He fought in Lord Hugh Darry’s armies against ork invaders, but each time failed to win any great glory. Most knights would be content simpy to survive as many face-to-face encounters with the greenskins as has Sir Optimus, but he fumes at the “lost opportunities” to prove his worth. He has compensated by becoming a regular face at tournaments, amassing a respectable record against his fellow knights.

When Crispus finally inherited the House, Optimus was granted Vicetor castle, and with it, the largest town in the House’s territory: Fairbanks. He was nineteen. His dreams of defending this shining jewel from marauders were quickly dashed, however. After nearly three decades of his father’s crusade against law-breakers, there were simply no marauders to be found. Optimus had to be content with “ordering” life in Fairbanks by tightening its criminal laws beyond Lord Crispus’ already stringent standards.

Optimus lives in Vicetor with his wife, Nicole. They have four children: Eileen, age thirteen; Wendy, age ten; Crispus, age six; and Baron, age four.

Optimus’ arms are lozengy adamant, a fess ebon. His charge, rarely displayed, is a knight armed and mounted to sinister, solen.

Optimus Darhel

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