A Breslin witch


Micah was a thin and sickly looking man in his mid twenties. He had a shaved head and wore a crown of steel affixed by spokes directly into his skull. The purpose or significance of the crown remains unknown.


Micah was a witch who appeared to be affiliated with the 8th Breslin Infantry. He was first seen on the thirty-second of Bloom, heavily wounded and bandaged, being borne into Fairbanks on a stretcher. He was revealed to be a witch during Valon Sarqhardt‘s escape from Fairbanks that same day. Micah’s unearthly screams as Valon advanced upon him, reciting prayers of the Ecclesiarchy, were echoed by every window on the street. He also seems to have caused every shutter on the street to fly open simultaneously, and conjured witchfire about the crown on his head just as Valon beheaded him.


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