Meshla Mercer

A survivor of Jonbri


Meshla Mercer was one of the survivors of Jonbri.  She was 21 when Valon Sarqhardt led the village in flight to Fairbanks.  Always poor, the Mercers had already suffered the misfortune of two bad harvests in a row when the orks attacked.  Meshla arrived at Fairbanks with her son Verd, four, and daughter Faith, two.  Unable to land a husband at Fairbanks, she was quickly forced into beggary and prostitution to feed her children.  Patience and Sibbe gave Meshla what aid they could, but Patience left when she married and the Mollins had financial troubles of their own.

None of the Mercers have been seen for three years.  Likely they starved to death in the Lees, forgotten and unmourned.


Meshla Mercer

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