Lucan Variatus

A purveyor of spirits and bon vivant


Lucan Variatus is a man in early old age, with a distinctive shaggy mane of gray hair. He is 53, and stands 5’4". His skin is tanned and lined with age. Lucan has features too strong to be altogether handsome, in particular a strong nose and bushy brows that give him a fearsome scowl. He also has unusually large hands for a man his size, with which he is fond of clapping his friends about the shoulders.

Lucan is a well to do man, and spends more on his clothes than most. He favors coats of green brocade, cut wide to accommodate his growing gut, broad-brimmed hats decorated with the feathers of tropical birds, and heavy gold rings.


Lucan is a merchant whose business is alcohol, particularly fine beers and rums. His career has given him a wide network of professional contacts across House Darry’s territory, but his lifestyle has given him more. Lucan loves the fine things in life, and he loves to share them. He frequently hosts parties with extensive guest lists, and counts among his friends both poor and rich.

Lucan is currently traveling with Hugh Darry‘s army with an extensive inventory. Soldiers – both rich and poor – have an extensive appetite for alcohol, and the concentration of merchants from across Lord Hugh’s territory represents a valuable networking opportunity.

Lucan Variatus

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