Lawrence Firenzi

Cardinal of Tracinya Town


Lawrence Firenzi is the pontifex of Tracinya, the town whose cathedral is the seat of Tracinya District in the territory of House Daroline. Pontifex Firenzi is an energetic young go-getter, merely thirty-four years old. He has a blond beard and mustache which he keeps closely trimmed and moves with a visible bounce in his step.

Firenzi’s career is widely considered to be tied to the patronage of Lord Julius Daroline, who has made generous donations to church projects that Firenzi has sponsored. Predictably, the new cardinal is one of Lord Daroline’s staunch supporters. He has won great renown as a preacher, though not as a writer or intellectual; indeed, he cannot truly be said to subscribe to any particular strain of theology. As he can still produce inspiring sermons with theatrical flair, this is not widely considered a great failing.


Lawrence Firenzi

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