Kate Fraser

Philippa Darry's herald


Katherine Fraser is Philippa Darry‘s herald. She is a woman of twenty-five, with brown hair and green eyes. She wears her hair braided, but has been known to leave the braid unbound when announcing at tournaments to accentuate her movements. Kate favors cream-colored undergowns and kirtles, and sometimes pairs her herald’s cloak of Darry green with a cream-colored gown as well.


Kate has been Philippa’s herald since they were both teenagers. The daughter of scouts long sworn to House Ronnel, she studied heraldry at Coastwatch under the tutelage of Lord Ronnel’s own herald with the understanding that she was being groomed to serve the heir apparent.

Though a storehouse of knowledge concerning the greater and lesser noble families of Nova, Kate is also an accomplished performer. She is particularly noted for her control of her voice, which she can project to an entire tournament pitch at almost any volume level.

Kate is married to Arlen Fraser, a clerk at Green Rivers.

Kate Fraser

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