Julia Daroline

Third daughter of House Darry


Julia Daroline is a twenty-year old woman who stands 5’9", slightly taller than her older sister Carolina Darren. She has her mother‘s long oval face and long brown hair, though Julia’s hair tends towards a very light brown. She is a slender woman by nature – somewhat too slender to be considered beautiful, though she carries more muscle tone than most Novan women. Julia moves with a studied languid grace, an affectation intended to counteract her natural long stride and athlete’s powerful movements.


Julia is the third daughter of House Darry, and raised to master the arts of the nobility by Lord Hugh Darry and Lady Adeline Darry. Under her parents’ demanding tutelage, Julia became an able administrator, negotiator, dancer, and harpist, and is a studied master of etiquette and diplomacy. Her marriage to Sir Nestorius Daroline was also heavily influenced by her parents. Sir Nestorius fostered at Orkhold, and at her parents’ prompting Julia pursued the young man. Her marriage gives House Darry a tie to the often fractious House Daroline, a vassal that may well have rebelled by now but for Hugh and Adeline’s machinations. Despite the political utility of her marriage, Julia is relatively happy. Her husband is certainly in love with her, and they have two children: Catherine, age three; and Emmond, age one.

All of the Darry children developed coping mechanisms to deal with the pressures on them growing up. Julia became an ardent student of philosophy and the unarmed martial arts – an unusual hobby for a noble girl, but one that her father was happy to indulge. Julia has no interest in the wider world of chivalric arms, but she is a skilled striker and a better than average ground fighter in sparring matches. She is also a skilled artist, and often accompanies hunting or falconing parties with easel and canvas.

Julia’s arms combine her birth arms with those of her husband. They are blazoned impaled, the dexter half adamant, a cross solen; the sinister half bendy sinister chalybs and adamant, a fess sanguine. Her charge is a chalice argen, sometimes displayed in the center of her cross.

Julia Daroline

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