Jaing Smithers

Connor Darry's faithful valet


Jaing Smithers is a twenty-eight year old man with ginger hair and freckles. He stands 5’4", but has nonetheless perfected the art of looking down his nose reprovingly at his employer, Sir Connor Darry. Jaing carries himself with absolute rectitude, but is adept at changing his body language to be inconspicuous among nobility and commanding among servants. Though he tracks a myriad of details concerning Connor’s appearance and personal life, Jaing never appears hurried or flustered. Like Connor, Jaing is always impeccably dressed, with tightly fitted hose and gardcote in green and white, with delicate embroidery (usually in a vine motif, one of Jaing’s favorite visual themes).


Jaing was born to a professional squire who had the misfortune to serve no less than five different masters in his lifetime. Wanting a more settled and genteel life for his son, Jaing was apprenticed to a manservant in Orkhold. Jaing rarely saw his father (who was killed in action against bandits) after his apprenticeship, but his father’s tales of the bond between knight and squire were never far from his mind – nor his father’s stories of the injustices witnessed during a life on the road.

An excellent study as an apprentice, Jaing has been Connor’s personal valet since the age of sixteen, before either of them were married. Despite their long history and close ages, Jaing invariably refers to Connor as “Sir,” as Connor refers to Jaing as “Smithers.” Despite the formality of their employer-employee relationship, the two men are close friends. Jaing serves as a sounding board and confidant for Connor on matters ranging from his marriage to campaigns, a confidence Jaing considers no less sacred than that shared between himself and his wife. Indeed, while Jaing permits Connor’s squire Owen Selerius to tend to some of his master’s needs, recognizing that the boy should receive a full education, he is loathe to leave Connor’s preparedness – be it for dinner or to embark upon a long journey – out of his control in even the smallest detail.

Jaing is intensely proud of Connor. He believes that Connor is a just and good overlord – an opinion that Jaing holds of very few nobles, though he is sensitive about saying a much even to Connor. Thus, in Jaing’s view, his service to Connor is also a service to Connor’s vassals, and he is proud to give back to his fellow commoners in this small way.

Jaing is married to a woman named Adele Smithers, who works as a nanny to other members of the Green Rivers staff. They have three children: Lisa, age twelve; William, age nine; and Sarah, age three.

Jaing Smithers

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