Hubert Darry

Heir to House Darry and his father's legend


Hubert Darry is a huge man in the prime of his strength. He stands 6’3", only a little shorter than his famous father, with a massive frame covered in muscle. In many ways he is the physical antithesis of his younger brother Connor Darry: where Connor is lean, Hubert is broad; where Connor is handsome, Hubert is homely. Hubert’s face is naturally craggy, which gives him a forbidding aspect; he must work to relax his expression into friendliness. His voice is deep and rough without his father’s more cultured tones. His eyes area quiet blue, set beneath a strong, overshadowing brow. His hair is a mousy brown that tends towards lankiness, so he keeps it unfashionably short.


Hubert Darry armsHubert is a quiet man, like his brother, but where Connor’s depths run with intellectual thoughts, beneath Hubert’s forbidding exterior are deep emotional currents. He is intensely attached to his parents and siblings, yet also cares deeply about the people he will one day rule as lord. Hubert is a man of few words, but his physicality betrays his true nature. Aware of his intimidating presence, Hubert is the soul of courtesy, and moves with exagerrated care. This can make him appear standoffish, and it is true that Hubert forms personal bonds very slowly. It is said that his wife of ten years, Danielle (nee Sanders), is still not closer to him than his married sister Carolina.

Those who know him best are aware that Hubert also harbors deep insecurities about his ability to succeed his father. In many ways this is simply the result of growing up as the son of the great man; Hubert believes the legends told of Lord Hugh, and is afraid that he will fall short of his father’s rule. Yet it is true that Hubert has led no armies at an age when his father had already won a great victory over the Orks, and he is not his father’s intellectual equal. Both men are possessed of a lord’s ability to do one action for many reasons, but Hubert lacks his father’s ferocious analytical mind, as well as his father’s ability to marry a deep conviction of a lord’s feudal duties with pragmatic ruthlessness. It is widely expected that when Hubert succeeds his father, Connor will be the brains behind the high seat of House Darry.

The one place that Hubert’s insecurities have no hold on him is on the battlefield. In real combat, Hubert fights with absolute disregard to his own safety. At the age of twenty, when his father’s army met an ork invasion at the Battle of Bloodmist Woods, Hubert waded into the greenskin cavalry as if they were peasants armed with sticks. Reliable accounts say that he personally slew three orks that day despite having two horses killed under him, finishing the last greenskin bare-handed after tackling it from its squiggoth, driving his dagger through its eye, and bashing its brains out with a rock while his squire and fellow knights fought to keep him from being trampled by the orkish cavalry.

Hubert has two sons: Micah, a boy of nine, and Damon, a boy of eight.

Hubert’s arms are adamant, a pale valar, two towers ebon in fess.

Hubert Darry

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