Helena Darras

A young widow and second daughter of House Darry


Helena Darras was born into a family that tends towards unusual height, which makes her ordinary 5’3" frame look small by comparison. Other than her height, Helena takes after her father, Lord Hugh Darry, with true red hair, prominent cheekbones, pale gray eyes, and even a cleft in her chin. Until she was widowed two years ago, Helena was full of energy and winning smiles, seeming to dart to and fro rather than walk. Since then, her movements have slowed and her smiles faded into somber gazes.

Helena sheared her hair two years ago, and wears it short in continued memory of her late husband.


Helena darras armsThe second daughter of Hugh Darry and Adeline Darry, Helena was born into a household of demanding standards to parents determined to raise feudal overlords worthy of the name. In Helena, they failed. Though she learned well her mother’s lessons on economy, management, and courtesy, Helena’s disposition has always been too sweet for the demands of feudal rulership. Fortinately for her (and for her marriage prospects), Helena’s looks, charm, and ease with people compensate for her lack of ruthlessness in many situations.

Helena married Sir Marcus Darras at sixteen. Her parents considered the match well made, as House Darras has traditionally been a safe political ally from the perspective of its great House. Helena herself was well in love with her husband, and he with her, and the two had two children together. When Helena was twenty-one, though, a fever struck her castle and claimed Sir Marcus and their two children. Lord Darras gave the castle to one of his vassals rather than leave it to be run alone by the grieving widow, a decision that Lord Darry could only agree to in light of his daughter’s temperament. Helena now lives at Orkhold, and, two years later, has begun to emerge from her grieving and dream of future happiness.

Helena’s arms are adamant, a fess sanguine, a rose marine.

Helena Darras

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