Florian Tapicz

Village priest of Cooper


Florian Tapicz is the village priest of Cooper, the nearest true village to Green Rivers. Father Florian is forty-seven years old, a man exiting middle age. His broad back has begun to stoop, his frame (always round, even as a young man) has become distinctly fat with age, and his pattern baldness means he no barely needs to maintain his tonsure with a razor anymore.

Father Florian was once a sprightly young man well known for participating in village dances on festival days that a less liberal priest would likely have frowned upon. Though no longer fit for dancing, he is still well loved as a cheerful, smiling figure with a twinkle in his eye. Though never a great thinker, he connects easily and authentically to the common man and has a knack for adapting Ecclesiarchical teachings to daily life.


Florian Tapicz

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