Drusus Vita

Cardinal of Porterfield Town


Drusus Vita is the pontifex of Porterfield, the town whose cathedral is the seat of the Umbran Jungle District. Pontifex Vita is a dour man of ancient years, said to be approaching 90 years old. Vita is an exceptionally tall man, 6’5", with a flowing white beard that nearly reaches his waist. Though he stands straight still and can still walk (slowly) under his own power, considerations of age have mostly restricted him to his cathedral for many years. He still celebrates mass and participates in festivals, but exerts his influence throughout his district by messenger.

As a prelate, Drusus is a fair and able administrator and preacher. He is well known for his sonorous voice, which can reach the back ranks of a crowd on festival days even at his advanced age. He is so old that a variety of superstitious legends have arisen about him, mostly ascribing to him saintly powers or (in more recent years, particularly as he has become increasingly confined to the cathedral) foul sorceries. He is also well known as an author (a fact which, in the eyes of many of his flock, is near enough to sorcery as to make no difference), and has written extensively on both the history of the district as well as various theological topics. As a theologian, he is a staunch proponent of doctrine, and is sufficiently well read as to have a fairly accurate idea of what Ecclesiarchical doctrine actually is. As this is something of a rarity even among cardinals, Drusus feels all the more keenly the need to hold to official doctrine whenever possible.


Drusus Vita

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