Delilah Sonsa

Commander of the Order of Serenity on Nova


Canoness Commander Delilah Sonsa is the commander of the Order of Serenity on Nova. She spent many years as a sister famulous, rising to the rank of nunciate superior, before transferring to the Order of Serenity. This experience has fitted her well with administrative skill, and has also made her unusually adept at navigating high-level Imperial politics.

Delilah is of almost Amazonian height at 6’3", with blonde hair faded to gray. She has one bionic eye, which incorporates a sophisticated diagnostor.


Delilah Sonsa joined the Order of the Golden Gate, an Order Minoris Famulous, upon graduation from schola. Skilled in the arts of subterfuge and observation, Sister Delilah rose to the rank of nunciate superior, eventually becoming a senior advisor to several noble houses in her sub-sector, each in their turn. Increasingly her work involved genetic studies of the houses, eventually uncovering a genestealer cult that had infiltrated much of a sub-sector financial hub. The resulting purge was a decade in the resolution, and left Delilah morally exhausted. She transferred to the Order of Serenity as a reprieve from the double-minded duty of the Orders Famulous, where her genetic expertise was of great use.

As a sister hospitaller, Delilah showed just the sort of detachment and impersonal professionalism that the Order of Serenity prizes. She has served in hive cities, war zones, and feral worlds, as a trauma surgeon, community medicae, and itinerant clinic organizer. In her eighties, she served as an acolyte of Inquisitor Eirus Sentchen. Now 143 years old, she is a canoness commander of her Order. Vikram al Gerez, an old acquaintance eith whose battlegroups she had served on many campaigns, asked her to lead a commandery of sisters to augment the needs of his honor guard. Though Delilah agreed, she had two additional motivations: to relieve the suffering of Nova’s primitives, and to assess the population for genetic deviance or Chaos corruption after their centuries of isolation.

Delilah Sonsa

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