Corran Selman

Steward of Green Rivers


Corran Selman is the steward of Green Rivers. He is a tall man of fifty-nine whose once-broad shoulders have been stooped by a long life of service. His hair has more gray than brown, and his bright blue eyes have dimmed to gray. He remains trim in his old age, but walks slowly, with the aid of a walking staff.

A castle‘s steward is its chief administrator. Though he works closely with the valet and maid of the master and mistress of the castle, Corran is ultimately responsible for every logistical aspect of Green Rivers’ smooth running, from provisioning feasts to maintaining adequate emergency stores, repairing its structures, filling its armories, and paying and retaining its servants and garrison. As befits the steward of one of House Darry’s stronger castles, Corran is excellent at his job. His is not a creative mind, but it is exceptionally well organized and methodical.


Corran has served as Green Darry’s steward for twenty years. He came to the castle as the valet of its previous master, and elevated to the position of steward as a reward for faithful service when the prior steward died of old age. His wife Lara died three years ago. The two had three children who survived to adulthood: Erskine, who marched south with Sir Connor as part of the Darry Army and is presumed dead; Emma, who serves as a hall servant at the Salt Tower to the south, and Elaine, who serves as a maid to the wife of a knight of House Selerius.

Corran Selman

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